Schedule meetings in Salesforce

You can schedule a meeting for a contact, lead or opportunity in Salesforce. You can also start an ad hoc meeting without scheduling.

Schedule a new meeting

1. In Salesforce, open one of the following tabs: Leads, Contacts, or Opportunities.

2. Click the name of the lead, opportunity or contact to view the Event Detail page. On the Event Detail page, you can:

3. To schedule a new meeting, click New GoToMeeting. A create meeting form displays.

4. In the Create GoToMeeting form, several fields are automatically populated:

  • Assigned To - the current Salesforce user
  • Name - the selected lead or contact or opportunity
  • Location - the meeting URL from GoToMeeting
  • Description - a standard invitation message you can modify, copy and send to your invitees

Fill in the following (mandatory field are shown by a red bar :

  • Start - the start date and time in the format shown: MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm AM
  • End - the end date in the same format
  • Description - you can modify the invitation as needed

5. Choose the Add invitees button at the bottom of the page. The Select event invitees page displays.

6. Use the top frame to search for and add invitees. Click the check box next to a name and click Add to list to add that person as an invitee. Use the bottom frame to finalize your list - click Remove next to any name to delete that invitee.

7. When the invitees list is complete, click Insert selected to add the list of names to the invitation list. The Select event invitees box closes.

8. In the Create GoToMeeting page, verify your meeting details and click Save and send invite. The record is saved and an email invitation with an .ics attachment is sent to all invitees.

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