Join Sessions Muted

By default when you first join a session, your audio will automatically be muted. This helps us preserve your privacy and improves the audio experience by reducing the feedback and background noise that is created when multiple attendees are joining session simultaneously.


Unmute yourself

To unmute (or re-mute yourself), simply click the Mic button in the Viewer or Control Panel.



Audio Help and FAQs

Available Audio Modes

Connect to Audio Using Your Telephone

Connect to Audio Using Computer Mic and Speakers

Connect to Audio using Custom Audio Info

Switch Audio Modes in Session

Mute and Unmute Yourself

Mute and Unmute Your Attendees

Test Your Mic and Speakers (VoIP)

Manage Phone Audio via Keypad Commands

Report Audio Issues

Set Default Audio Options

Enable/Disable On-Hold Beeps and Entry Chimes

Provide Toll-Free Phone Numbers