Update a user's details

From either Manage Users or User Settings, you can click on any user’s name to access that user’s detailed information. The User Details page lets you update:

Update user account information and group assignment

Note: A user's password cannot be changed by an admin. Only a user can reset their own password. Learn more.

1. Log in to the Admin Center.

2. Select Manage Users in the left navigation.

3. Click on the user you want to update. The User Details page opens.

4. Click Edit in the User Information box. You can update the first name, last name, email, primary language, and group. The primary language determines the language of the application interfaces including the Admin Center for this user.

5. Make your changes and click Save.

Modify a user’s product settings

The product settings let you configure a user’s experience with the four supported applications, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToTraining and OpenVoice. If you manage product settings for a group of users, it is best to modify those settings for the entire group. The following steps modify the settings for an individual user.

1. While in User Details, click on Edit in the Settings box.

2. The Product Settings page opens.

3. Modify and click Save for each setting as needed (see Update users' product settings for descriptions of each available setting).

4. When you have finished with all settings, click User Details at the top of the page to return to the selected user.

Update custom fields

Custom fields can be defined and used for reporting. The following steps update user values for existing custom fields. See Manage custom user fields to add a new field.

NOTE: If you implement the Active Directory Connector to manage user changes, there are a set of fields defined in Active Directory repositories that can be queried. These fields update to the custom fields for users.

1. In the User Details page, click Edit in the Custom fields box.

2. Make your changes and click Save.

Change a user’s product seats and roles

You can update the product seats and the administrative permissions for a user in the User Details page. The admin privileges enables you to give the user or users full admin privileges, or to limit their access to specific tasks for specific groups.

1. While in User Details, click on Edit in the Products box.

2. Also click on Edit next to Administrator for this account.

3. Click on all products the user is entitled to and click Save.

4. Click on the list of Privileges to update the user’s admin privileges.

5. Make any changes for the user and click Apply.

6. Under Groups, click the group name or None selected.

7. Make any group changes for the user and click Apply.

8. In the Admin section of User Details, click Save.

Reassign meeting organizers

At any time, you can reassign a user’s meetings to another organizer in the User Details page. You may want to do this if an organizer is out of the office, transferred, or if the user leaves the company.

1. While in User Details, click on Reassign meetings in the Product Usage box.

2. In the Reassign Meetings page, select the Reassign drop-down and select the organizer to reassign each meeting to.

3. Do this for all meetings you want to change and click Save to complete the reassignments.

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