View Your LogMeIn product Invoice History

You can view your recent LogMeIn product billing activity and print your billing receipts online.

Most billing contacts can log in to the Billing Center at to manage their LogMeIn product billing and subscription info entirely online. However, the billing contacts for larger accounts (referred to as "corporate" accounts) may use a different self-service site known as the Corporate Billing Portal to manage their billing and subscription with a LogMeIn representative.

Billing Center

  1. Log in at
  2. At the top of the Billing Center page, click the Invoice History hyperlink.
  3. Click the hyperlink of your desired Invoice number to view. If desired, click Print Receipt.

Invoice history in the Billing Center

Corporate Billing Portal

For all other accounts whose billing contact has purchased a subscription plan via a LogMeIn Sales representative and receives emailed invoices for each renewal, a billing contact will use the Corporate Billing Portal to view and/or print the last 20 invoices from their invoice history.

Note: A billing contact is provided with a User ID (in "user name" or "email address" format, located on an emailed invoice) that allows them to log in to the Corporate Billing Portal. Learn more.

  1. Log in to the Corporate Billing Portal at
  2. In the "Invoices" section, go to Show All > PDFPrint.

View and print invoices in the Corporate Billing Portal

Alternatively, a billing contact can contact Customer Care for more information.


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