Create and Approve Releases

Releases are the implementation of incidents and changes into services. When incidents are resolved and changes are completed, they are ready to be deployed to customers. Releases provide a way of tracking when incidents and changes are implemented and who is responsible for aspects of the release process. Service Desk release forms are designed to enable the following development process: planning, approval, testing and deployment.

Create a release and fill out the plan tab

Agents can log in to the Service Desk web application to create and track releases.

1. Log in at 2. Go to Release > New Release.

3. Select the service under which the release should be created.

4. A new record form is created whenever a release is added to a service. You can create a new Release from an existing template, or start from scratch. Release records use the same basic layout as other record forms and can be filled out as follows:


The summary section lists all the basic information about the record, including the following:

  • Service – The service to which the record belongs

  • Record ID – The individual ID used to distinguish between records

  • Owner – The technician who created the record

  • Title – The title of the record

  • Assignee – The technician to whom the record is assigned

  • Priority – The priority level assigned to the record

  • Due live – The date that the change are release is scheduled to be finished, as selected by the technician

  • Custom Fields – Any custom fields created under service settings