Set Approvers (Changes and Releases)

Approvers are standard users who also have the authority to approve or decline change plans or release plans so that development can continue. Account administrators can manage group approvers and/or individual approvers separately for changes and releases on a per-service basis.

Manage release approvers

1. Go to Configure > Service > [select service] > Releases > Approvers.

2. All groups added under the service are listed. Modify release approver groups as follows:

  • Any member can approve – Any member of the group can approve release plans
  • All members to approve – All members of the group must first approve release plans before development can begin
  • Non-approver – Members of this group do not have permission to approve release plans

3. All users added under the service are listed.Modify release approver individuals as follows:

  • Approver – This individual has permission to approve release plans
  • Non-approver – This individual does not have permission to approve release plans

4. Click Save when finished.



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