Set Types

Types act as categories or tags to help you and your team quickly identify the nature of an incident, problem, change or release, create more robust reports, assign records more easily/accurately and add more detail to items. In addition, administrators can allow some or all incident types to be shown within the Customer Portal, which determines whether or not customers can submit issues, suggestions, questions or requests once they log in. Incident types can also be given unlimited subtypes, if desired.

Each new account includes a few default types for each record, which you can leave or modify as desired. Incidents also allow you to add sub-types.

Add types for incidents

Add types for problems, changes or releases

Note: Problem, change and release types are not visible to customers.

1. Click Configure  > Services > [select service].

2. Select the Problems tab, Changes tab or Releases tab, then select Types.

3. You can add, delete or rename the default types to suit the service's needs. Click Add Another to add additional types.

4. Click Save when finished.

Edit or delete types (incidents, problems, changes or releases)