What's the difference between online vs. offline accounts?

We have 2 different types of GoToAssist accounts, which are based on your billing method. The main difference between them is the method with which the billing contact can manage the account's subscription plan and billing info.

  • Online: If you (or the billing contact) signed up for a free trial and/or subscription plan online, then you can continue to manage the account's settings and billing options online (including changing or canceling your subscription plan, as well as setting up payment via auto-renewal). The billing contact will use their My Account page to manage these settings.
  • Offline: If you (or the billing contact) signed up for a subscription plan by speaking with a GoToAssist Sales representative, then your account and billing options are managed by a Customer Care representative (and typically you pay your bill via invoice instead of auto-renewal). The billing contact can use the self-service portal to log in and manage their account, or contact a Customer Care representative. For more information, please see Manage Your Offline Account.
    Note: You may also see offline accounts referred to as "corporate".

In general, online accounts are automatically renewed online, and offline accounts are paid via invoice.